New AS feature?

J. Neil Doane (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 19:27:33 -0500 (CDT)

Well, in light of the heated discourse over the last couple of days
regarding AS1.0 vs AS1.!0 I do have a suggestion, I guess for Guylhem more
than anyone, but it'd be interesting to hear opinions from other folks
about it: why not set up a nice pre-compile-time configuration script
that lets you pick and choose what features you want in your AS.  Like if
you think looks and feels just aren't neccessary, you could disable it
before you compiled AS and in "your" AS you wouldn't have to have the
added bloat of that feature?  You could, say, select initially what type
of configuration you want..if you felt GNUStep-compliance wasn't something
you care, you just disable it in the configuration script and presto, your
binary of AS doesn't support it.  I mean, this is a feature we love from
our kernel, being able to streamline it to our specifications and use only
the features that are useful to us...why not have the same thing in our
window manager?  And what's more, if you find that someday GNUStep
compliance (for instance) is something you need, just as in kernel
recompilation you can just return to the source, make the changes in the
configuration utility, and recompile/reinstall.  I can certainly see where
people with low-end machines, people who don't want the extra spice of a 
certain option, or people who just want the very fastest performance from
their window manager might like this option (which could let them take
advantage of any good code rewrites in later AS versions that come along
but allow them the ability not to use stuff they aren't interested in.)
Again, it's just an idea...but I'd be interested in seeing what people
think of it.

Neil Doane