Re: Damn - the sauce packet for my microwave Chicken Parmigiana just

Dave Walker (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 22:57:28 -0500

David Mihm wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, David A. Walker wrote:
> ! And now the interior of my microwave is coated with a rather bland "Italian"
> ! tomato sauce.
>         Use a paper towel when cooking things in the microwave that might
> splatter - it's in the damn README! :)

Missed that one, but it _is_ a hand-me-down microwave. My 'ex' got the
one with the README!

>         Yes, and I even responded to you.

And rather quickly, I noticed.

>         The maintainer of the FAQ reads the list, so I left it up to him
> to get in touch with you.  He is Andrew Sullivan
> Understand that the latest FAQ is 1.4.6 and covers 1.4.5- . The
> new 1.5+ items are new, and is what will need to be covered.

I wasn't thinking of a FAQ; rather a Beginners' Guide/User

>         If you wish to have a hack at the man pages, take that upon
> yourself to do (post to the list which ones you'll be working on), Guylhem
> is the person to contat concerning that issue, he'll say the same thiing I
> have stated.

I hadn't thought about the man pages, but could probably help there as

>         Happy FAQ'g and thanks for your support.

Thanks for your guidance as well; I believe that it was one of your
missives that clued me in to the fact that audio support was, by
default, turned off. My AS now beeps and boops with the best of them.

>         I use to hang with a David Walker in Oklahoma around the early
> '80s, might that be you?

Naah. I was either at sea in the Indian Ocean, stationed on Guam, or
stationed on Diego Garcia (find THAT on a map!! Hint: look due south of
India just below the equator...)

Dave Walker