Re: Goodbye AfterStep for the Nth Time

Guylhem Aznar (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 12:45:30 +0200

On Tue, Aug 04, 1998 at 10:58:12AM -0400, Kirk Bauer wrote:
> Wow, I guess I am not the only person.  I too have tried
> AfterStep >1.0 (I think about a month ago was the most recent)
> and I tried it for several days and I just couldn't like it as
> much as my AfterStep 1.0.

2 guys said they best like new config. method while 2 others said they best
like previous one.

As for bug fixes, sorry but :
* 1.5 serie IS NOT STABLE ! Stick to 1.4.5.?
* my current snapshot of 1.5.0 has less bugs than 1.0
* uses 1.0 M, i.e. less memory than _any_ window manager but one (the one
made to save up memory, 50k, but you have to recompile it to change
fgcolor, etc :-)
* is more configurable than fvwm or its family (try title text gradients :) 

I honnestly think AS 1.5 will be *the best* compromise between size, ease
of use and configurability.

ascp or asconf will make AS configuration as easy as WM.

For some features, a vote could clarify all this :
1) Do you like ~/G/L/A dir
2) Do you like multiple config. files ?
3) Do you like start menu dir ?
4) Do you like look&feels
5) What other question would you suggest ?

This vote could take place here.
I'll code or make default what most people prefer, regardless my personal
opinion (that's democracy, I'll vote too !) or GNUstep compatibility
(there's already WM for NeXT zealots)

Is this ok for anyone ?

But remember, if 99% people agree on something, don't bother us again with
messages like "I best liked .steprc..."

BTW, I NEED CODERS ... most of 1.4 team vanished. We're now ONLY 3 !
Volunteers, please mail me !

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