Re: New AS feature?

David Mihm (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 21:21:24 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, J. Neil Doane wrote:

! Well, in light of the heated discourse over the last couple of days
! regarding AS1.0 vs AS1.!0 I do have a suggestion, I guess for Guylhem more
! than anyone, but it'd be interesting to hear opinions from other folks
! about it: why not set up a nice pre-compile-time configuration script
! that lets you pick and choose what features you want in your AS.  Like if
! you think looks and feels just aren't neccessary, you could disable it
! before you compiled AS and in "your" AS you wouldn't have to have the
! added bloat of that feature?  You could, say, select initially what type
! of configuration you want..if you felt GNUStep-compliance wasn't something
! you care, you just disable it in the configuration script and presto, your
! binary of AS doesn't support it.  I mean, this is a feature we love from
! our kernel, being able to streamline it to our specifications and use only
! the features that are useful to us...why not have the same thing in our
! window manager?  And what's more, if you find that someday GNUStep
! compliance (for instance) is something you need, just as in kernel
! recompilation you can just return to the source, make the changes in the
! configuration utility, and recompile/reinstall.  I can certainly see where
! people with low-end machines, people who don't want the extra spice of a 
! certain option, or people who just want the very fastest performance from
! their window manager might like this option (which could let them take
! advantage of any good code rewrites in later AS versions that come along
! but allow them the ability not to use stuff they aren't interested in.)
! Again, it's just an idea...but I'd be interested in seeing what people
! think of it.

	Yes and No.  No, this is not a good idea, and why you ask?
Because it already exists and it's called stick with AS (classic) 1.0 .
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