Re: New AS feature?

Steve Ki-Won Lee (
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 00:03:45 -0600 (MDT)

> On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, J. Neil Doane wrote:
> ! but allow them the ability not to use stuff they aren't interested in.)

It's called customization.  It's called going down the G/L/A/dirs and
getting your hands dirty a bit with the config files.

> ! Again, it's just an idea...but I'd be interested in seeing what people
> ! think of it.

Let's give this issue a rest now, once and for all.  I'm really sick of
all the "well, if you could do this and that", "see, if you do this, it'd
be better".....AS's developers are not commercial developers in the first
place, and I really can't think a reason for which these guys would be
doing it for alterior motives.  They do not make a cent out of this.  They
do this because they love AS and what they're doing, so please people, if
you think or can code something better, then do it.  If not, please get it
thru to your heads that the developers and the contributors have other
important things to do and *more* importantly, they make their decisions
based on what they truly believe is the best thing to do at the time.

I can't imagine myself doing this during the school year with all the
assignments to hand in and exams to prepare for.  Guylhem's a med student
for godsake!!  Am I saying he's a better human being than the rest of us
cuz of that? No!  But my brother's a med student as well, and I know first
hand how hard it is to be one, let alone be a developer for arguably the
finest winman out there and have people whine and cry for things they
could manage just as well, if they'd open their minds just a bit.

And think about the prompt responses you get when you post a question from
the regular contributors and the developers.

Please, please give it a rest now.  No more, k???