Re: where do I, how do I ....

ECLIPSE Webmaster (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 05:23:18 -0400

>      Check the keybindings in the feel file you use, might be bound to
> something else.  There is also a BackSpace/Delet HOWTO in the HOWTO's -
> check it as well.


    Where is this HOW TO ?

I tried all of the "feel" choices, but they all act the same,
NO backspace/erase, No backspace at all !

I don't know what key bindings are or how they are used.

Now that I have selected a feel file for the first time, even
when I reselect the DEFAULT feel file, I now have an
error message.

AfterStep: Bad Key Function: warp in line key tab    A    M    Warp
AfterStep: Bad Binding in Line Key Tab    A   M   Warp

How do I get rid of this ?
I NEVER had an error message UNTIL I selected a look or feel file !
I liked the way AS worked as it was compiled and never felt
the need to try a look or feel file before.

            Randy Everett