Re: Pop3 and asmail

David Mihm (
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 17:29:55 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Johan Strom wrote:

! Is it possible to use asmail as a pop3 account checker.
! How do I set it up?
! I want the mail is put in /etc/spool/$usr, so that i can use several
! different mail-client apps.. But to use the asmail-app. To check if
! there are mail in the mailbox.
! Thanks i advance.

	ASmail is a mail checker - it looks to see if you have received
mail in the $MAIL variable (/var/spool/mail/<username> file).  Within the
asmail file under ~/G/L/A/ you will see a section on "Program to execute
every update", this is what you can use to run something like fetchamil;
which will pull the mail from your isp to you machine and place it in the
/var/spool/mail/<username> file.
	Suggested reading is the Mail-HOWTO (by our very own Guylhem)
located here:;
the man pages for fetchmail; and for filtering, look into man procmail.

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