Re: Goodbye AfterStep for the Nth Time

Tomas Duewiger (
06 Aug 1998 17:31:43 +0200

Guylhem Aznar <> writes:

> I honnestly think AS 1.5 will be *the best* compromise between size, ease
> of use and configurability.

I'm sure it will.

> For some features, a vote could clarify all this : 1) Do you like ~/G/L/A
> dir 2) Do you like multiple config. files ?  3) Do you like start menu dir
> ?  4) Do you like look&feels 5) What other question would you suggest ?
> This vote could take place here.  I'll code or make default what most
> people prefer, regardless my personal opinion (that's democracy, I'll vote
> too !) or GNUstep compatibility (there's already WM for NeXT zealots)
> Is this ok for anyone ?

I think this is really not necessary. IMHO you guys who are developing AS
have to put in your personal opinions, needs and ideas. Other ways you
would loose your enthusiasm and the quality of AS would get lost. You
aren't M$ programmers who have to care about what the customers want (I
know, you do).  IMHO this is not how free software should work.  Everybody
who got creative ideas, that are possible to realize, will be heard by
you, I think that's for sure, so why you should change the way how you
worked in the past? Because of this guy who told everyone that he don't
like AfterStep in it's present form? He can use any other different
windomanager around or this memory-eating monster KDE (that's what I'm
calling blown). No one really wants to know that, because he only throws
in some critic, but no solution or even an idea of how it maybe could be
done better.

Since AS is alive again there are so many improvements made and so many
long missing features added (that all can be turned off or at least can be
changed in every imaginable way). Why you should stop it now?

Go ahead, I'm sure there are plenty of satisfied AS users out there, that
aren't on this list or just lurk.

Just my 0.02$


Tomas Duewiger