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Umm... I see your point. I just wonder if anyone sees mine. I wasn't
criticizing AS. I don't have any problems understanding config files and
as far as Linux/Unix goes I find the demands of AS on configurability is
not that tremendous. I was just making the point that intuitive graphical
interfaces ( look at what they are doing with E and WM ) seem to have
become sort of what alot of people--especially beginners seem to want. 
I'm not trying to compare or criticize, but just as an example look at
DR14's 'DOX' or whatever it is, where you just click on a question mark on
the E desktop and it opens up a graphical manual that walks you through E
and some of what it does and how it's configured. I could give other
examples but this is the only point I was trying to make.  

I'm sorry if I ticked anyone off. I really appreciate the work the AS
people do, including yourself, in maintaining the documentation, but I
also think I see the other side of the coin... I mean even though I find
Linux painless and have used it for sometimes helps to see
where people are experiencing problems when they _are_ experiencing
problems and why, regardless of how easy or whatever it might seem to the
rest of us and try to adapt to it, rather than get pissed off at them, for
not RTFM'ing and for being 'lazy and inept'.  

BTW, I intend to shut up now. :-)  
 On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> Well and good.  But since the response time on this list is fairly quick,
> and since my own e-mail response time is similar, I find it hard to
> believe that people just cannot manage to do any customization.  And, in
> any case, several of the complaints -- particularly the one anout the
> .steprc -- are totally unjustifiable.  There isn't any way the
> instructions, "Initiate AfterStep with 'afterstep -f [your.steprc]',"
> could be any clearer.
> But I have asked -- repeatedly! -- for questions and suggestions as to
> where the FAQ is wanting.  Every time I get such a request, I add the
> relevant section.  I don't think it is being too unkind to ask that people
> read a few pages; and if they don't understand, they _can_ ask.
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