Need help

ECLIPSE Webmaster (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 19:04:14 -0400


    I'm having a problem with Afterstep. I originally e-mailed
David Mihm with this question, but, I don't think that I explained
it fully. My problem is that with AfterStep, my backspace key
doesn't work with any software that I have. My backspace/erase
works FINE with Netscape or AsWedit running with Fvwm or OpenWin
or even Windows Maker. It will not work in Afterstep.

    Can anyone tell me :

1. Where in Afterstep that I can fix this ?

2. What do I put in to fix it ?

I have checked my key bindings in X11 according to
the "HOW-TO" at LinuxHQ and everything looks ok.
I have tried adding a .Xmodmap to my user and root
accounts. Still no help.

This problem ONLY manifests itself when using Afterstep.


            Randy Everett