Re: AS Tools & Config Programs

David Mihm (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 12:40:34 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, David Taylor wrote:

! >         Most, if not all, of the applets that are "for" AfterStep come
! > with AfterStep, i.e. asclock, ascd, asmail, etc.
! Well, hardly any of the popular tools came with my rpm package... such
! as, ascd, asmixer, asppp, asmodem, astrash, etc...  and it's been
! extremely difficult to track them down.  I am now hunting down astrash. 
! I cannot find a site anywhere which has it.

	It is unfortunate the the creator of the rpm you have used lacks
all the applets that are shipped with the source.  Perhaps this person
made another rpm with the applets?  Nevertheless, I have rpms that do
contain all the applets which can be obtained from my site (see sig.).  I
don't understand what the new maintainer of the ftp site is doing, half of
the old rpms/tar.gz have disappeared! :\
	These applets are also on the site, but not in
an rpm form.

! > ! Also, can dockable applications designed for Windowmaker be used in
! > ! Afterstep.  That is, there are quite a few nifty apps I found at the
! > ! Windowmaker site that I'd like to use and swallow into my wharf... will
! > ! this work?
! > 
! >         All the programs work out of the box for AfterStep as well.  I
! > happen to run wmppp, wmmixer, wmcdplay, and wmload.  You will need
! > or to fully swallow these applets into the wharf as
! > they require the entire 64x64 space.  The applets still function as
! > advertised in lower versions of AS, only a small portion of the applet is
! > cut off in the Wharf.
! Where can I find rpm's of these releases?  I have, which I
! thought was the latest stable release.  Once, I have one of these
! releases (any ideas on which one) would it be more advisable to do a
! complete reinstall of Afterstep, or is it fine to simply upgrade (via
! rpm)?

	I have no idea of who made this rpm and or if they follow the
actual numbering scheme of AS (my thoughts would be that they do).  As I
stated, the wm.applets will work with all versions of AfterStep.  The
AfterStep applets (from above) are within the full AfterStep rpm pkg, so
an upgrade will be you path - as suggested should be what you
	I can point out places to look for these, as I don't have rpm's
for these.  This site is becoming known as the authorative location when
searching for rpm's - . 

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