Re: New AS feature?

Guylhem Aznar (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 11:49:17 +0200

> Let's give this issue a rest now, once and for all.  I'm really sick of
> all the "well, if you could do this and that", "see, if you do this, it'd
> be better".....AS's developers are not commercial developers in the first
> place, and I really can't think a reason for which these guys would be
> doing it for alterior motives.  They do not make a cent out of this.  They

Hmm ... An happy AS user invited me to his home, near Bordeaux (FRANCE) for
a vacation day :)

To my mind, it's better than money : even if I don't get a , I make friends.

> Steve

Thanks a lot for your explainations ; I didn't think anyone could imagine how
hard are med studyies, but your description is quite faithful to the "real

BTW, in september, I'm starting a 3 weeks stage at Purpan University
Hospital : I don't think I can be a good coder & maintainer with so
many occupations (I have others I won't detail here)

I can still maintain AS or code for it, but not both, moreover I'm getting
tired of "bad reactions" ; I don't say Neil did something wrong (unlike
some people who are quite rude) but it's hard to stay sympatic while
explaining to anyone you can't do better than 100% !

 "Always pass on good advice. It is never any use to oneself"   -- Oscar Wilde
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