Re: Iomega Zip Drive

Rob Hoyle (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 18:26:48 -0500 (CDT)

> On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Mike S. Avelar wrote:
> >     Can I get a Iomega ZIP drive to work with Linux? Its a internal IDE,
> > I haven't bought it yet, but I need the portable storage. Can't I just
> > type:
> > mount /dev/hdd (It would be my fourth IDE device) /mnt/something?
> Ok, sorry for the obvious questions..but you compiled the SCSI support to
> get the ZIP drive to work?  As well, your ZIP drive isn't connectec with a
> printer like you could in windoze?
> I mount my ZIP driver as follows:
> "mount /dev/sd0 /mnt/zip"  I was told to try /dev/sd* and it worked for
> me.  Hope this helps.
> Steve

Ok, I know this one is WAY off topic, but hey, this group needs something
to keep us all from killing eachother.  If His Zip is IDE, he wont need
any scsi support....If its a Parallel port zip (yuck) You need scsi
support, as well as the low level Iomega Drivers.  I believe it then moves
to /dev/sdb4.. but I havent messed with that in quite some time, so I dont
know for sure.  

As far as Printer pass-thru and a Iomega parallel port drive, its
possible, and quite easy..The way I have done this in the past is by
compiling the scsi support as a module, as well as the Printer support.
Then you can just make a neat lil script to remove and insert the correct
modules, or try autoload..but i dont like anything happening with my
kernel that I dont i choose the manual approach.

You could also buy another lpt port, but thatd be a waste of money :>

Tip: If anyone is considering a Zip Drive, IDE or SCSI is far superior to
Parallel...The speed is MUCH improved..I personally dont notice that much
speed difference between the SCSI and IDE, but Its always nice to have
SCSI seeing as it handles things sooo much better.