Re: AS Tools & Config Programs

David Taylor (
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 12:56:50 +1000

Thanks for all your great help, David... but, I am still having
problems.  I just cannot find an rpm of

Can someone else on the list enlighten me of a site where I can find
this?  It is required for a RedHat 5.0 i86 system.

David Mihm wrote:
> ! > ! Also, can dockable applications designed for Windowmaker be used in
> ! > ! Afterstep.  That is, there are quite a few nifty apps I found at the
> ! > ! Windowmaker site that I'd like to use and swallow into my wharf... will
> ! > ! this work?
> ! >
> ! >         All the programs work out of the box for AfterStep as well.  I
> ! > happen to run wmppp, wmmixer, wmcdplay, and wmload.  You will need
> ! > or to fully swallow these applets into the wharf as
> ! > they require the entire 64x64 space.  The applets still function as
> ! > advertised in lower versions of AS, only a small portion of the applet is
> ! > cut off in the Wharf.
> !
> ! Where can I find rpm's of these releases?  I have, which I
> ! thought was the latest stable release.  Once, I have one of these
> ! releases (any ideas on which one) would it be more advisable to do a
> ! complete reinstall of Afterstep, or is it fine to simply upgrade (via
> ! rpm)?
>         I have no idea of who made this rpm and or if they follow the
> actual numbering scheme of AS (my thoughts would be that they do).  As I
> stated, the wm.applets will work with all versions of AfterStep.  The
> AfterStep applets (from above) are within the full AfterStep rpm pkg, so
> an upgrade will be you path - as suggested should be what you
> want.
>         I can point out places to look for these, as I don't have rpm's
> for these.  This site is becoming known as the authorative location when
> searching for rpm's - .

I tried that site, and freshmeat, and the linux ftp watcher ... can't
find it anywhere.

Thank you for your help, David.

David Taylor

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