Setting up sound

Brian E. Seppanen (
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 18:38:47 -0500

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While we're on the topic of sound. I'm trying to customize afterstep so
that it will make those charming sounds.  I've read the FAQ regarding
sound setup and I've placed 
audio in ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep. See below:
Sound doesn't work upon startup, and I believe it's because AudioPlayCmd
is not a valid program.
I've done which AudioPlayCmd to verify this.  /usr/bin/showaudio is
valid.  How do I make AudioPlayCmd to work?  I assumed that was what the
*AudioPlayCmd /usr/bin/showaudio did, but I appear to be wrong.
On a related note would someone mind enclosing their audio file, so I
can get an idea of what types of events I can customize the sound for. 
I had to add the audio file, as there was none to begin with.  I'm using
AfterStep with RedHat 5.1.  I am very new to linux.
Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Brian Seppanen
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*AudioPlayCmd /usr/bin/showaudio
*AudioDir /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds
*AudioDelay 1

Audio startup