Re: Iomega Zip Drive

Mike S. Avelar (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 21:09:37 -0400

Oh god... what have started...

Rob Hoyle wrote:

> > On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Mike S. Avelar wrote:
> >
> > >     Can I get a Iomega ZIP drive to work with Linux? Its a internal IDE,
> > > I haven't bought it yet, but I need the portable storage. Can't I just
> > > type:
> > > mount /dev/hdd (It would be my fourth IDE device) /mnt/something?
> >
> > Ok, sorry for the obvious questions..but you compiled the SCSI support to
> > get the ZIP drive to work?  As well, your ZIP drive isn't connectec with a
> > printer like you could in windoze?
> >
> > I mount my ZIP driver as follows:
> >
> > "mount /dev/sd0 /mnt/zip"  I was told to try /dev/sd* and it worked for
> > me.  Hope this helps.
> >
> > Steve
> Ok, I know this one is WAY off topic, but hey, this group needs something
> to keep us all from killing eachother.  If His Zip is IDE, he wont need
> any scsi support....If its a Parallel port zip (yuck) You need scsi
> support, as well as the low level Iomega Drivers.  I believe it then moves
> to /dev/sdb4.. but I havent messed with that in quite some time, so I dont
> know for sure.
> As far as Printer pass-thru and a Iomega parallel port drive, its
> possible, and quite easy..The way I have done this in the past is by
> compiling the scsi support as a module, as well as the Printer support.
> Then you can just make a neat lil script to remove and insert the correct
> modules, or try autoload..but i dont like anything happening with my
> kernel that I dont i choose the manual approach.
> You could also buy another lpt port, but thatd be a waste of money :>
> Tip: If anyone is considering a Zip Drive, IDE or SCSI is far superior to
> Parallel...The speed is MUCH improved..I personally dont notice that much
> speed difference between the SCSI and IDE, but Its always nice to have
> SCSI seeing as it handles things sooo much better.
> Anyway,
> Rob
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