Re: Setting up sound

David Mihm (
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 20:17:13 -0500 (CDT)

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On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Brian E. Seppanen wrote:

! I've done which AudioPlayCmd to verify this.  /usr/bin/showaudio is
! valid.  How do I make AudioPlayCmd to work?  I assumed that was what the
! *AudioPlayCmd /usr/bin/showaudio did, but I appear to be wrong.
! On a related note would someone mind enclosing their audio file, so I
! can get an idea of what types of events I can customize the sound for. 
! I had to add the audio file, as there was none to begin with.  I'm using
! AfterStep with RedHat 5.1.  I am very new to linux.
! Thanks in advance for the assistance.

! *AudioPlayCmd /usr/bin/showaudio
! *AudioDir /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds
! *AudioDelay 1

! Audio startup
   \_ need an * here

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*AudioPlayCmd /usr/bin/showaudio
*AudioDir /usr/share/afterstep/desktop/sounds
*AudioDelay 1

Audio startup