Re: TkStep (I'm just full of questions)

Michael Johnson (
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 01:19:23 -0700 (PDT)

Some of the programs need you to edit what tk they are pointing to. Apps
you are building will look for or need to be told the tk to use at build
time.( I mean when you compile from sources, like with configure
--with-tk=/usr/local/tk8.0 etc.) 
With other apps, that you have online already sometimes you can just
change the line pointing to tk in the program to point to the tk you want
to use.(or tkstep, whatever) Look at the programs, and I bet they point to
the prior tk. Example: say, tkirc, if you open it might say  'exec
/usr/bin/wish' , you can often
just change it to the 'exec /usr/local/bin/wishstep8.0' or whatever, and
see the difference in look when you load the app. 
I can't speak for tkrat and tkdesk cause I don't use them, but I do know
that not all apps support tk8.0, some support the older tk and that's what
you'll have to use unless you know how to program in tk and can hack it
up to date. Um, I don't think tkdesk works with the last tkstep does it? 

The thing I hate about tk is it changes alot from version to version and
with alot of apps you can't just
upgrade your tk-version#-whatever to the latest and be guaranteed that all
the older apps will work.

If tkrat isn't giving you the look you want, try postilion, it's quite
steppified I think. 

Hopefully, some other people can direct you correctly, as I'm feeling very
poorly articulate this evening. Hope I helped a 'little'with this
somewhat disjointed response.
 On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, David Taylor wrote:

> Subject: TkStep (I'm just full of questions)
> I have upgraded Python to 1.5 and tkinter to 1.5 and TkStep to 8.0p2. 
> However, nothing looks different.  TkRat looks the same.  TkDesk looks
> the same.  Everything looks the same.  Am I doing something wrong,
> missing something out?  Or, am I just destined not to have anything work
> first go?  :-)
> C'ya.
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