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mitch l pond (
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 13:05:40 -0300

>  On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, mitch l pond wrote:
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> >> ! I like the way I can move the curser over a window and have control with
> >> ! the default setting but I don't like havinng to click on the title bar
> >> ! to raise the window , can I set this to raise the window by clicking on
> >> ! the window only.
> >>
> >>      menu-->Decorations-->Look-->look.AutoRaise
> >
> >He was asking for a way to CLICK on it to raise it, but NOT click on the
> >TitleBar...Autoraise will raise the window when the mouse enters it...
> >I would also like to see if this is possible, But, I probably will find it
> >on my own, once I actually mess around with it all.
> Yes I know you go to start, , desktop, feel, click to focus and you click
> to raise the window!
> >
> >Rob

Sure But this does not give the abiliity to control the window by simply placing
the mouse in a window,as start -> Desktop-> feel ->feel.Deault does. I guess I
want the best of both  imho.  Where, can and how do I modiify the feel.Default
or feel.clicktofocus to
accomidate this.