Re: my vote

Rob Hoyle (
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 15:31:17 -0500 (CDT)

> On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Rob Hoyle wrote:
> > I for one think that a GUI would be a cheesy as control-panel, modemtool,
> > and the other Red hat "moron" apps.  Learn to edit things from the command
> > will be AMAZED at how much cleaner it will end up.
> By the same reasoning, one should give up on X.  The graphical
> configuration tools, when they come -- and I understand the work is
> progressing nicely -- will be useful to lots of people.  If a tool is
> available that one does not want to use, then one is free not to use it.
> But there is no reason to attack those who like such tools, and to imply,
> at the same time, that the developers of such tools are "cheesy".  There
> is no reason to use this list as a forum to attack people simply for
> disagreeing with one's own taste.

I wasnt attacking anyone, If you hadnt snipped the message, you would see
that part where I said exactly what you said. "I wont use it" Others will.
But, in my opinion, which is what this list is about, opinions, Its nice
to "understand" what you are doing. I admit it, when I was new to Red Hat,
I used the modemtool once, and I used Control-panel. I am not knocking on
those who make these apps, I am saying that people will be well server to
Read the Damn Docs, and to learn HOW and WHY things act the way they do. I
think with a better understanding of the App, people will be able to
improve it..which is good.

To be honest, This list is starting to get on my nerves, if you cant tell
by my recent messages.  I dont plan to unsubscribe. and I am not gonna
whine and complain, but Im havin a bad day, and This is getting on my
nerves...Sorry If I have Offended anyone. Thanks for the answer about the