Main pop-up menu items disappearing

Chris Dunn (
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 06:57:42 -0500

David Mihm recommended a cure,

		From the menu -- > Quit > Update startmenu

Tried that, and found the only options under Quit to be :

		Close this session
		Restart this session

Do I have a menu impaired version of Afterstep?

>> Can some kind person please explain to me why the files I create using Joe
>> in the Start/Programmes/Accessories directory under my home directory of
>> Afterstep do not show up on the appropriate pop-up sub-menu. Shutting   
>> down Afterstep and restarting does not help. Files have been created as   
>> exact copies of existing files that do appear, with different file names, but
>> they still do not appear.

>> Just to confuse the situation further I have been successful in creating
>> one additional "Accessory" file which does show up on the sub-menu. What
>> the difference is between this file and the other unsuccessful efforts I
>> am yearning to discover. 

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