Weird Alt-Tab ness

Bryan Murphy (
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 16:54:27 -0500

How exactly is Alt-Tab autoreverse supposed to work?  I like way alt-tab works
in windows, is that what this option is supposed to do?  If not, are there any
plans to add such a feature in?  (alt-tab uses a stack and brings up a list of
the most recent tabbed to windows.  When you hit alt-tab multiple times w/o
releasing the alt key, the final window you land on is moved to the top of the
stack).  If not, I'd be more than willing to help implement such a feature.

Another thing, has anyone else ever experienced a problem where Netscape
somehow steels focus, and won't let you alt-tab to other windows until you
close netscape?  This problem crops up quite frequently on my computer.

Finally, could we cool down on this list a bit?  I only joined a couple days ago,
but my god are the tempers horrible here.  I'm going to move on to a new
Window Manager if this keeps up.  I can't imagine a group with such intense
animosity being able to accomplish a task such as this together. I sure hope
you guys can prove me wrong, I'm not jumping ship yet :)