Re: Weird Alt-Tab ness

Andrew Sullivan (
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 18:09:36 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Bryan Murphy wrote:

> How exactly is Alt-Tab autoreverse supposed to work?  

The latest versions are "smart tabbers".  The idea is that one is more
likely to want to tab quickly between a few items.  One uses Alt-Tab to go
forward, and Alt-Q to go back.  One can use the mouse to move between the
two things initially, and then use the keys to move back & forth after
that.  It works beautifully!

> Another thing, has anyone else ever experienced a problem where Netscape
> somehow steels focus, and won't let you alt-tab to other windows until you
> close netscape?  This problem crops up quite frequently on my computer.

I haven't; but that doesn't mean that nothing is wrong.  Netscape is not
terribly well-behaved in my view, and tends to do strange things.

> Finally, could we cool down on this list a bit?  I only joined a
> couple days ago, but my god are the tempers horrible here.  

The last week or so seems to have been unusually animated.  Normally, the
AS list is a nice, low-volume list of simple, well-defined questions.  For
some reason, recently, there seem to have been several people around who
are intent upon telling everyone else what to do, but who do not offer to
do it themselves.  This tends to make some people (I'm one of them)
annoyed.  It'll clear up soon, I'm sure.

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