Re: Strange crash (BUG?) !!!

Tomas Duewiger (
09 Aug 1998 15:47:22 +0200

Rob Hoyle <> writes:

> > In ~/.AfterStep-errors I found 408,350 lines containing "heyho!" ... now
> >what the $%@# is that?!!!  Then the next 10 lines were "/usr/bin/play:
> >/dev/audio: Device or resource busy", and then the last line was "xterm:
> >fatal IO error 32 (Broken pipe) or KillClient on X server ":0.0"".

Sorry, I don't got the original message anymore, but maybe I know what has 
happened. "heyho!" is from wmppp (or wmifs) ususally it echo it ones when
it starts. Some days ago I got the same starnge behaviour from it (I
killed the wharf and restarted it). The message from play is normal, it
can't play when it plays another sound at the same time, try to reduce
sound events. Then the message wont appear that often ;-) but that
shouldn't cause a crash.
The xterm message is the normal message when you kill a xterm.

If you don't use these wm apps, then I don't know what went wrong
either. If you use one, then that is the evil one.


Tomas Duewiger