Re: xmkmf can't find files

Tomas Duewiger (
10 Aug 1998 07:18:26 +0200

"David A. Pettit" <> writes:

> I've downloaded AfterStep and read the manuals, FAQ, etc... and
> couldn't find information on the following problem:
> xmkmf doesn't find a number of files (in the ../X11/config directory?)
> I am using XFree86 v 3.3.2.  Perhaps this version is missing some files
> that xmkmf needs...???  If so where can I find these files?
> Your help would be appreciated.  Here is the text of the error:

You have to install a package from your distribution called something like 
xdevel (differs from distribution to distribution) on RH it's called
XFree86-devel, on Suse xdevel. In that package are the header files for X
and the Imake templates.


Tomas Duewiger