Main pop-up menu items disappearing

Chris Dunn (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 10:01:15 -0500

Thanks for your input David.

I do not have a /u/s//a/n/t/startmenu to copy from.

Sorry, should have mentioned that I'm using Afterstep 1.4 installed from an 
AfterStep-1_4-1i386.rpm. Distro is Caldera Open Linux Lite 1.2.

The situation becomes stranger. While trying to understand the problem and 
playing with the ~/G/L/A/s/Applications/Accessories sub-directory last night I 
attempted to reinstate all the original sample files. The last to be entered was 
"Change screen" which contains a single line - xvidtune &. This last entry 
appeared to be the proverbial straw as "Change screen" was added to the 
Accessories sub-menu but "Clock" (which I've never even touched) disappeared 
from the sub-menu.

mv Clock to Newclock and "Newclock" appears on the sub-menu, but "Colors" 
disappears. mv Newclock back to Clock and "Colors" is back but Clock doesn't 
show up.

As a side issue new files added to the sub-directory appear in apparently 
random and non-alphabetical order when the sub-menu is popped up. They 
appear in alphabetical order in the sub-directory for ls.

This is exciting stuff but is not getting any work done. Do you have any further 

On 8th August David Mihm said,

> Telling this list which version of AfterStep is always a
> GoodThing. :)  Here's what you need to do:
>  1) cp /u/s/a/n/t/startmenu ~/G/L/A/n/t/
>  2) startx
>  3) menu --> Quit --> Update startmenu

> If you don't have the Update startmenu still; what version are you
> using, how did you install it (deb,rpm,tarball,etc), what changes did you
> make if you had the tarball?

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Chris Dunn wrote:

! David Mihm recommended a cure,
! 		From the menu -- > Quit > Update startmenu
! Tried that, and found the only options under Quit to be :
! 		Quit
! 		Close this session
 		Restart this session
! Do I have a menu impaired version of Afterstep?

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