Re: Strange crash (BUG?) !!!

Albert Dorofeev (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:18:56 +0200

> > Try goiung to Alt-F8, that's what I always do!
> Nothing there... nothing at all.  Nor with Ctrl-Alt-F8.  But, see below
> and you'll realise that I looked at Alt-F7 (whilst X was closed).
> Afterstep errors are logged to a file.  X errors are logged to a file.
> I only went to Alt-F7 to see if it was something other than those two
> ... which it was ... "message there was that a SIGPIPE had occurred".
> Sorry, but Alt-F8 & Ctrl-Alt-F8 do nothing for me except show a blank
> screen.  However, all the methods I used were useful and I think when
> you suggest "Alt-F8" you actually mean the same thing as what Alt-F7 did
> for me...  which my e-mail mentions just a little bit below where you
> inserted your comment.

I think he wanted you to have a look in your
/var/log/messages file. Many people dump the
output of the syslog facility to the vc 8 as 
well as to the files.