Tomas Duewiger (
10 Aug 1998 19:01:53 +0200

David Taylor <> writes:

> Does the neXtaw library also require applications to be compiled against
> it (as does TkStep, apparently)?  Or, is it as simple as plug-in and go
> and then all apps, both new and old, will look fabulously neXT-ish?

You can just replace the with BUT some
applications will crash. I tried it and XEmacs crashed, then I knew it
wasn't a good idea, because most time I work with XEmacs.
On RedHat the XEmacs didn't crash. But anyway, I compiled XEmacs again and 
then with libneXtaw. 

> I like the look of these things but I'm still an rpm-baby and cannot for
> the life of me stand the stress of fiddling with and compiling a large
> application.  Is there an easy way to get apps to look the way these
> libraries provide?

XEmacs was the only app I compiled with libneXtaw right now, all other
stuff is running well with the replaced lib and is looking very good.
If you don't use XEmacs then try it, make a backup of the lib (it's only
one) and fire it up with the new lib and the new ~/.Xdefaults.


Tomas Duewiger