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David Taylor (n9506769@garbo.nepean.uws.edu.au)
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 15:55:17 +1000

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Hi David,

Attached you can find the response Ethan gave me to the queries I had
about programming w/ regard to AfterStep.

Hope it's useful

David Taylor

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On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, David Taylor wrote:

> Can you give me any pointers on where to begin learning X programming
> that's applicable to AfterStep?  I am a C programmer (as well as
> knowing a myriad of other half-learnt languages :)  
> Are there any books particularly pertaining to X programming for
> Linux? 

I don't know of any good books for learning X, but then the only book I 
have about X is one from 1992 which still has X11R4 functions in it... :)
It's "The X Window System in a Nutshell" and it has been an invaluable 
reference when I want to look up an X function or data structure.

I mainly use the man pages, and read other peoples' code.

> What libraries, etcetera does Afterstep make use of? 

libX11 (the main Xlib library)
libXext (the X extensions library - for stuff like shaped windows)
libXpm (the X pixmap library - for reading .xpm files)

libafterstep (our own little library, containing oft-used functions from AS)

> I intend to download the source in the near future and have a browse
> through anything that looks simple (aka very small, well-documented
> procedures). 
> Does writing a swallowable-applet sound like a good starting ground?

Sounds like a good idea to me.  I'd suggest checking the current AS apps 
for interesting code, and also WindowMaker dock apps:


They tend to be small and relatively easily understood. :)

And of course, questions are always welcome.

Ethan Fischer