Re: Main pop-up menu items disappearing

Chris Dunn (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 11:05:36 -0500

On 10th August, David Mihm wrote,

> 	I don't have a 1.4 version to test here, but I did ask around and
> noone seems to remember a bug as you described.  This is an older version
> and many new things have occured - we could all just have forgotten.  I'd
> suggest getting a newer version - rpm's are available if you wish to stick
> with them.  My site is where a great deal of them are (see sig).
> 	Sorry this isn't a solution to the problem, but It's all I can
> come up with.

Thanks for the advice. I wasn't even aware I was attempting to use an outdated 
version of AfterStep until your message arrived. I've now downloaded 1.4.5 and 
feel more content, wrestling with a slightly different set of lessons.

As a newbie stumbling around in the seemingly infinite world of linux, advice 
from informed people like yourself is invaluable. 

Thanks again.

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