Re: Pre8 patch : I'm a dumb

Ethan (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 12:08:17 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> I'm sooo soory !
> I was going to diff pre8 and pre7 when I realised I untarred pre7 to pre8
> path !
> All its files got ovewritten.

Ouch, that hurts, losing your work like that. :(

> Here's what I could save, I you feel like releasing a real pre8 patch.
> BTW, in misc.h from your 00 patch had 2 errors : GetXPM & GetXPMTile don't
> take an int as 3rd argument.

Do you mean from patch 7?  I added a third option as a feature, so the 
maximum colors to be assigned to the loaded pixmap cuold be specified.  
This allows MaxColors (which is normally only used for gradients) to have 
an impact on loaded jpegs.  I couldn't find a way to force maxcolors on 
xpm, but we still use the option: if maxcolors is less than 256, we tell 
libxpm to force some colors to desktop ones (this is not new, I admit).

> I'm going to Bordeaux for 2 days : I won't be available until Saturday.
> You can pass this patch to Mickael Vitecek & David Mihn if you think it's
> correct enough to be our working basis.
> It includes :
>  * all your patches from 0 to 6
>  * backwards as a compile time option (looks great !)

Thanks! :)

>  * minor cleanups in look&feels
> but it's not finished :
>  * your wharf patch removed Animate & AnimateMain : but we should be able to
> override AnimateSteps & AnimateStepsMain by these options, here's what I did

Hm?  Animate and AnimateMain work fine for me, in fact I normally have 
animation off, as it's too slow on my machine with shaped windows.

>  * didn't apply your patch 7 : I'm adding JPEG autodetection to
> from gnu autoconf, but it needs more testing


>  * I think patch 8 & 9 are already applyied

They weren't in pre7, I checked when I updated them.

>  * Tested Sasha's Pager, only lacks an XPM update

I haven't tried it yet, but I need to, because I don't want to make changes 
to pager that are incompatible with that patch.

>  * Didn't correct astile & ascascade

See next email.

> I could do all this now but I have to go and I prefer sending you
> uncomplete patch than no patch at all ;)

Thanks Guylhem!  I'll see what I can do getting everything merged.  If I 
can get libjpeg testing to work, I'll send the result to David Mihm and 
let him test it.

Ethan Fischer