Some AfterStep questions and bugs?

Timothy Dunnington (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 06:50:24 PDT

I've been an Afterstep user for a while now.  1.4.0 worked well, and 
last week I downloaded 1.4.5 and installed it.  I like it primarily 
because the window's don't autoraise after your mouse pointer is on it 
for a few seconds (a feature I never could figure out how to turn off in 
1.4.0)  But 1.4.5 has some other little quirks:

1.  With the default color-scheme, there is a brown border around all of 
the window dressings.  I switched to pure next colors, and there is a 
red, or sometimes grey, border around the dressings.  These look wierd 
and they weren't there in 1.4.0

2.  Layering icons in wharf causes X errors and wharf doesn't load.

3.  Moving windows around the screen, particularly Netscape, causes the 
background to sometimes become was clean in 1.4.0.

4.  If you "roll-up" a window, change to another virtual desktop, and 
come back, the title bar for the window is gone.  You can only get it 
back by right-clicking on the program bar button for that program.

5.  The Pixmap path and Icon path in files have no effect on 
the wharf config file.  I have to use the entire pathname for icons on 
the wharf bar.

I am using RedHat 4.1, kernel 2.0.27 (I tried to upgrade the kernel to 
2.0.35, but it caused lots of problems).

Also one question:  I would like to be able to see the messages produced 
by executing wharf programs or startmenu programs.  If I load X and 
start afterstep manually from xterm, all the output will go to that 
xterm.  However, if I start afterstep in a shellscript, the output goes 
to the root shell, which is not displayed.  How can I redirect that 
output to a particular xterm so I can see what happens when things fail?


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