Re: Vote [was: Goodbye AfterStep for the Nth Time]

Guylhem Aznar (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 18:07:31 +0200

On Tue, Aug 11, 1998 at 03:30:25PM -0700, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> 1) It's fine, but this stuff should be invisible to users who don't go
> looking for it.

This is not standard, but you can make a link :
ln GNUstep/Library/AfterStep .step

Maybe should AfterStep made that mike by itself after installing user
~/G/L/A ?

But I'd like to avoid a system() or fexec while I don't know how to symlink
in C [sorry :)] ? Maybe there's a posix function to symlink 2 files ?

Any idea ?

> 3)Actually, I'd like to see standards become standards.  While the
> hierarchy is simple, it's also confined to AfterStep (I don't expect
> fvwm programers or windowmaker programers or gnome programers to look
> for entries in /usr/share/afterstep)  How about accepting RedHat's

Too bad, they should use afterstep ;)

> modifications, and using /etc/X11/wmconfig?  Remember that if you
> support it, they will come.  Be the first to support a standard and the
> others will follow.  Lead them  :)

That's a good idea but :
 * I have both a debian and a redhat : debian 1.3 has no /e/X/w 
 * Is /etc/X11/wmconfig a dir like start/ ? (I'm on my debian notebook)
 * What should we do on non redhat unices // redhat linux ?
wmconfig will already be full of other options on redhats, while we can do
whatever we want on our own dir.

I see no problem replacing /u/l/s/a/start by /e/X/w if we keep the same
possibilities, i.e. system wide options, users own options, ease of adding
new options.

Is it ok for anyone ?

> 5)I would suggest a small control panel to control all of this.  Tabs
> across the top for each of the configuration files, and tabs for looks
> and feels.  Each look and feel file should be selected under a drop down
> list, each behavior and attribute should be represented on the panel.
> Remember that the power of configurability should not shadow the ease of
> doing so.  Before you tell me that I'm asking too much, I rebutt by
> saying that I'm not asking, I'm offering.  I'm a fair programer (I
> think), and I'm very willing to contribute to the window manager I use. 
> I've been in and out of things recently, and I've just completed a move,
> but I'm getting back into the swing...

Ok !

Just go to 1.5pre7/src/afscript and /u/l/s/a/scripts/ : AS scripting
language is for unices which won't run ascp GTK app.

Just write some scripts to configure what you want ! It's easy.

> So who was working on that control-panel for AfterStep?  where do I sign
> up?  

nwanua @

Just mail him, but asconf needs more work than (nearly finished) ascp.


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