Re: Desktop & Wharf

Tomas Duewiger (
13 Aug 1998 16:04:42 +0200

"Apocalypse Pestilence" <> writes:

> I made this changed and it worked, but how am I supposed to learn the
> meanings of these options ? I checked afterstep documentation and
> afterstep related sites but couldn't find any info on these ?

I created a website for questions like that. For the most configuration
files, you will find for AS 1.4.5.X, there is a page with the file and I
added lots of extra comments to them. Try it, and if it won't help you,
send me a mail with suggestions. You won't find any fancy java applets
there, but that way, you can copy and paste the relevant parts directly
from the website.
The address is the one in my sig.


Tomas Duewiger