Re: Desktop & Wharf

Kris Coward (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 16:02:23 -0400

>  I made this changed and it worked, but how am I supposed to learn the
meanings of these options ? I checked afterstep documentation and afterstep
related sites but couldn't find any info on these ?

hidden somewhere in the as source tree are a bunch of man pages, which, for
some inexplicable reason, are not installed by default.. to find them, just do
find <afterstep source root> -name \*.man
and you will be shown..
then, for i in (all the files with the .man dropped (use sed)); do
cp $ /usr/man/man1/$i.1

man Afterstep, and all will be revealed to you..

Alternately, these same options are used in pretty much any fvwm-derived wm (I
haven't used twm, but it may very well be every twm derived wm, but don't count
on it) You probably have one of these wm's laying around on your machine, and
you can just check the manpage for it.