1.5pre7 or Netscape bug?

Albert Dorofeev (Albert@mail.dma.be)
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 16:13:54 +0200


I have this feature consistently:

- take a fresh page of the desktop (I have 1 desktop 2x2)
- start Netscape clicking a Wharf button
- open Mail window
- write a new mail
- send it (maybe it's sufficient just to close the window)
- go to the menu of Netscape and say "exit"
- Netscape closes both WWW and Mail windows
- try to use keyboard to move to another page
  (I use Alt-arrow, most of you probably Ctrl-arrow)

It does not work!

- click in the Wharf to move to another page
- try the keyboard movement again

This time it works again.

Any opinions? Does anybody else have the same problem?


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