Re: AS 1.5pre6 Bugs?

Tomas Duewiger (
14 Aug 1998 22:34:25 +0200

"Timothy Dunnington" <> writes:

> 1.  Compiled/installed 1.5pre6...start menus and window menus are WAY
> screwed up.  Can't read them at all.

Choose another look, look.Guylhem worked here with 8bpp. I think it was
because of the color depth.

> 2.  Wharf is loading buttons in reverse order (the first button defined in
> ~/G/L/AS/wharf is on the bottom).

It's fixed again in 1.5pre7

> 3.  Netscape windows draw to desk 1, regardless of where you currently
> are.

Look in /u/l/s/a/database, maybe there is an entry like that
Style netscape	StartsOnDesk1


Tomas Duewiger