AfterStep 1.5pre7 on Solaris x86

Jeremy Brown (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:47:36 -0700

Hi there!

We're in crunch time here so I haven't had a chance to play with
the new versions, but I decided I'd give 1.5pre7 a whirl. I'm
running with the '-f .steprc' functionality right now.

Firstly, there were numerous compile issues. Solaris needs
'-D_POSIX_SOURCE' to compile the lib/ directory correctly, or
else it won't find PATH_MAX. src/afscript/ inappropriately
detects on line 991 if SPARC is defined, when it ought to look
for __sun__. As it stands <alloca.h> will not be included, which
causes a compile error. src/asdm should not assume the location of
libXpm; it should have propagated from the main configuration.
src/asdm/xpmroot needs to use the XPMLIBRARY variable in the
Imakefile, not XPMLIB, which is unset by default. There is an error
in the src/asdm Makefile causing it to attempt to build a file called
'DlLibrary', when in fact it means to link the dl library, which on
this machine is -ldl. It also looks for something called
'XkbClientDepLibs', which I cannot identify and apparently did not
need. Furthermore, src/asdm/config/Makefile doesn't even parse with
GNU make 3.76.1, dying on line 551.

Once I hacked everything together and installed AfterStep, I
encountered numerous problems with a /usr/local vs. /usr/openwin
schizophrenia. Previously AS had accepted the xmkmf-enforced
/usr/openwin as a home for everything, but this version uses it
in some places but enforces its own /usr/local home in others.
Furthermore, after installing Pager, Wharf, Banner, etc. in
/usr/local, it actually executes the old ones in /usr/openwin
on start. What is the best behavior here? Should there be an
Imakefile entry that globally fixes this?

Okay, so I fixed some of those issues and ignored some others,
and restarted X with AfterStep 1.5pre7, and found a really fast,
slick, nice-looking desktop environment. (I had copied a brand
spanking new afterstep directory into ~/G/L/A.) Though it's a
little long on eye candy, I like this look. The feel is good too,
though I would prefer being able to raise a window by clicking
on any part of its decoration (I know this issue has been raised
here before and I can't off the top of my head remember the
resolution). Everything worked as expected, but when I tried to
change looks, I was logged out of my X session, completely and
irrevocably. I could not successfully restart X without copying
a fresh afterstep into ~/G/L/A. Every change to look or feel
completely kills AS. I've resolved this by starting with the
'-f .steprc' compatibility so that I can continue my work.

I'm really sorry I can't give better diagnostic info, but I have
to ship a beta on Monday and things are crazy here. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading all this! Sorry it's so long!

Jeremy Brown