Re: AfterStep 1.5pre7 on Solaris x86

Jeremy Brown (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 20:02:51 -0700

>         This has been solved and will disappear in the next pre-release.
> A suggestion for fixing this when it crashes is to cp the (presumaby
> unchanged) 3_look.#bpp over the 0_look.#bpp in the ~G/L/A/n/ dir.
> Sometimes adding an "s" to ButtonTextureType also makes the "bad" look
> behave.

Right on! Thanks a lot. If you don't mind, I'm going to stick to
'-f .steprc' until the next pre-release, simply because, as much
as I'd like to, I shouldn't spend time monkeying with things when
there's a product to ship. :)

>         Your bug report was very thurough, thanks.

Thank you for your close attention! I've used every WM under the Sun
(oooooh that was bad) and bowman->AfterStep is by far my favorite.