1.5 pre 7

Stephen Davies (scldad@sdc.com.au)
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 10:09:48 +0930

As noted in the TODO2 file, there are problems with the version of asmail 
included with 1.5pre7.

When looking for the config file, it looks in $HOME + AFTER_DIR but AFTER_DIR 
has been defined as "~/G/L/A" so the result is "/home/foo~/G/L/A" which fails 
for obvious reasons.

What is not so obvious is why it also fails if you remove the $HOME bit 
leaving "~/G/L/A".

I finally just redefined AFTER_DIR to just "/G/L/A" and the result works.

Also, I defined my pager (using a config script response) to have ony three 
desktops. The result is three "normal" desktops plus one with no title and no 
colour. How can I make this "blank" desktop go away?

What is the little yellow rectangle that I can just see at the very bottom of any 
desktop containing a window? It is so low on the screen that I can only just 
see it and nothing that I can do makes it do anything.

Cheers and thanks,

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