David Taylor (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 12:20:50 +1000

1. Semi-repeatable crash
I'm running AfterStep  Often I hit Ctl+F1 to view the
messages that AfterStep has sent to stderr (that is, switch to the VC
that initiated AfterStep).  Upon doing this X, AfterStep, my nxterms,
netscape ... anything that's open at the time simply crashes.  This
doesn't happen *every* time, but it happens often enough to be
annoying.  On the VC I get a series of KillClient and error messages and
then the prompt returns.

However, I can switch to any other VC without a crash (so far).

Any ideas why?  With the previous version ( I used to switch
between VC1 and VC7 quite regularly without problems.

ps.  There is nothing related to the crash in /var/log/messages.

2. Weird crash
I have another problem - a strange quirk (it's happened twice).  This
one also involves X and AfterStep dying (but only if netscape was open
before the crash).  

When I restart again (startx) a weird phenomenon occurs.  If netscape
was running before the crash, I can see on wmload's CPU load bar that
the CPU load is now constantly at a maximum.  I then look in top and see
that two processes are gobbling all the CPU and memory (two netscape
communicator processes). 

I can't exactly remember the figures, I just remember that each process
had about 45.9% of the CPU (I think it was CPU, it might have been
MEM).  If I then kill these two processes, everything is hunky-dory
again and running at its normal pace...

ps.  There's nothing related to this crash in /var/log/messages, either.

Any ideas on either of these?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

David Taylor

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