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Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 13:48:16 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 16 Aug 1998, David Taylor wrote:

> 1. Semi-repeatable crash
> ========================

FWIW, I switch back & forth between VC7 and VC1 under without
any trouble.  I've never had a crash of the type you describe.  This is,
of course, no help, but it does suggest that there might be an issue with
one of the programs on your system, which is not on mine.  (I use xiterm,
which you don't say you're using; maybe the difference is there?  Can't
see how, but . . .)

> When I restart again (startx) a weird phenomenon occurs.  If netscape
> was running before the crash, I can see on wmload's CPU load bar that
> the CPU load is now constantly at a maximum.  

This is a netscape problem.  It'll happen on other window managers, too;
graphicy ones (like AS) are, it is rumoured, slightly more prone to this
than graphically light ones (e.g. twm).  I understand that the latest
netscape (which is currently available at

) is supposed to be better; Netscape is trying to make it rock-solid.  I
find netscape to be perfectly graceless on exiting quite often: I've had
resource use up to 96% according to top, which makes it difficult even to
issue a kill!

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