Re: Multiple wharfs

Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 13:36:29 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 15 Aug 1998, Mike S. Avelar wrote:

>     I know I ask how to create multiple wharfs... unfortuanately I lost
> that particulare piece of e-mail... can someone show me their wharf
> file. (I learn best from example)

If you want more than one wharf, then getting someone's wharf file pwon't
help you.  Because of the way wharf works, you need to make a second copy
of the wharf binary, under a different name.  (Some have reported that a
symlink or a hard link with a different name will work here; others claim
exactly the opposite.  My suggestion is to experiment.)  For the second
wharf (you can call this "pier", but not "wharf2", for reasons which are
detailed in the section of the FAQ that explains exactly what oyu need to
do), you'll need a configuration file in the same directory as your wharf
(config) file; and you need to change all references in that config file
from (say)

	*Wharf asmail - Swallow "asmail" asmail -geometry +0+0 & 

to (say)

	*Pier asmail - Swallow "asmail" asmail -geometry +0+0 & 

Also, of course, you need to start the new-name module with the same
syntax as you use for the Wharf module.  In newer versions of AS, this
start-up is in the autoexec file.

There is a pretty long section about this in the FAQ; if you can't
understand something in there, I'd appreciate knowing what & why, so I can
improve the FAQ.  (_I_ think it's clear, or I wouldn't have sent it out
that way!)

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