Re: ascp 0.9

David Taylor (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 00:53:00 +1000

Stephen Davies wrote:

> Maybe but some of us have multi-user configurations 
> where it does not make sense to keep a copy of the 
> entire afterstep tree in every home directory.

Yep, same here.  I was just giving Thadeu a prod in the right direction,
not the be-all and end-all of configuration help (that's what READMEs
and INSTALLs are for ... and local.h apparently :).

> I keep a global copy the desktop component of the 
> tree and let each user configure their wharf/look/feel 
> etc in ~/G/L/A.

Yep, very similar here.

> This setup breaks ascp as released but is fairly 
> easy to accomodate. I set ASLOCATION to the root of 
> the global desktop tree and use $HOME + "/G/L/A"
> as the root for wharf etc.

Yeah, well at the moment this is a "feature" of ascp.  :-)
Ain't nothing I can do about it for you.  You'll have to take it up with
the developer, just as I already have... or write a patch for it. 
Nwanua is very receptive to bug reports and suggestions... drop him a

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