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David Taylor (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 22:44:04 +1000

When I had version I posted a query about memory leaks.  Well,
I'd just like to post a further query.  It seems the memory leaks are
less noticable in (the version I have now)... but I'm not
sure...  What is the memory and CPU usage like in version 1.5pre7?

I've been running X and AfterStep for the last 23 hours now.  The memory
usage of AfterStep is now 1.3%.  Earlier today it was 1.1%.  However,
the memory usage of X is 19.4% and the CPU usage is 34.4%!!!!!  I'm
using Metro-X on RedHat 5.0.  Does anybody know if this is typical?  Is
XFree better in this regard?  Is it possible that AfterStep is to blame
somehow (as it is working thru X isn't it)?  Or is it the fault of

Thanks for the support so far on this great mailing list.

David Taylor

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