Doug Alcorn (
17 Aug 1998 09:04:45 -0400

I am having a small annoyance with the WinList in Afterstep.  I am
running RedHat Linux 5.1 (an upgrade from 5.0 with most of the patches 
installed). My XFree86 is version 3.3.2-13. I installed afterstep from 
the rpm in the redhat-contrib directory.  I think the latest version
available in rpm is  

Anyway, the problem is that the WinList creeps across my desktop.
Here is a snippet from my ~/G/L/A/winlist file:

*WinListGeometry -1-104
*WinListMaxWidth 100
*WinListOrientation down

After I have changed desktops a few times, the winlist starts moving
-1,-1 pixels across the screen.  Eventually it will actually move off
the screen.  Of course, I can't switch screens to catch up with it
because its position is relative to the current screen.  So, I have to 
kill it and start it back up.  It then comes up at the correct
position and begins its migration across the screen.

I don't see the behavior with WinListOrientation set to across.  I am
hoping that this is a known bug and a fix is available.  If not, I am
willing to beta test any patches.  I just don't have the time or
knowlege to work on this problem myself.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
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