Pager Setup

Doug Alcorn (
17 Aug 1998 09:11:10 -0400

I run RedHat Linux 5.1 (an upgrade from 5.0).  When I upgraded, I got
the rpm for  Unfortunately, the behavior of the pager
changed.  I did not change my ~/G/L/A/pager file, but my pager did
change its arangement.  Before, I had 4 desktops arranged in a square
with one screen per desktop.  Now I have 4 desktops arranged in a
square with 9 screens per desktop.  Here is my pager file:

*DeskTopSize          2x2
*DeskTopScale         24
*PagerGeometry       -0-1
*PagerRedrawBg	     1

# use *PagerRedrawBg 0 with xearth, xfishtank, ...
*PagerRedrawBg       1
*PagerAlign          0
*PagerLabel          0       Pager
*PagerLabel          1       Work
*PagerLabel          2       WWW
*PagerLabel	     3	     Games
*PagerColumns        2
*PagerRows	     2

What I actually want has changed.  I now only want one desktop with 8
screens arranged in a 4x2 grid.  I have read the man pages and fiddled 
with the file, but can seem to get the results I want.  Any help is

 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
 oo )  (Fledgling XEmacs User)