Configuration Howto Updated?

Michael S Costello (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 15:02:35 -0500

Is there a straightforward configuration howto or mini howto somewhere
on the net?
It will save me from losing my mind at the moment.  I upgraded to the
Redhat  5.1 Afterstep and 
cant seem to configure it the same way i could with the other 1.5 or
somesuch version.

Sorry to bog down the list very much but Hopefully this can help me and
maybe others jump on the

Oh and a side note.

Afterstep as a window manager has pushed one die hard Windows user
friend of mine to the point of 
buying a distribution.  I told him to pick out what he wanted and gave
him the latest 
Linux Journal to help him decide.  The only thing thats making him leery
of it is the problems hell
have with the latest Doze release OSR2 hosing boot records all the time.

Anyway Im glad to be working with such a fine GUI  Thanks.