Re: Afterstep Version

Doug Alcorn (
18 Aug 1998 09:10:22 -0400

"David Pellegrino" <> writes:

> Is there a specific version of Afterstep for Red Hat 5.0?  I've been having
> a bitch of a time trying to install it and I'm starting to wonder if it's
> my system.  Does the newest version of Afterstep require a specific version
> of the GCC, XFree86, kernel, etc.?  Any suggestions will do.  I would also
> be happy to send anyone my error outputs for suggestions.  Thanks.
I have been using rpms for quite a while now.  I know that 1.4-2 works 
with RedHat 5.0.  5.1 comes with 1.4.5-3.  I got 1.4-2 from the
redhat-contrib directory.  If it is gone now, I can send it to you. It 
is only 790K (plus or minus depending on how you do your base 10 to
base 2 conversion :) ).  I got 5.0 as soon as it came out.  So, I had
to heavily patch and upgrade it per the erata sheet on redhat's home
page. However, my buddy got it a few months after I did and it
included all the patches.  Anyway, the point is you might want to make 
sure you have them all applied.  When 5.0 came out it had /lots/ of
bugs in it.  The 4.2->5.0 upgrade path was ugly.

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