Kristoffer Tveit (
19 Aug 1998 21:18:39 +0200

Bean <> writes:

> Well, it seems that I get to maintain and host the WWW portion of the AS
> site after all. If there are any features, sections, anything that you
> feel NEED to be added to the site, or if you have any suggestions for it
> whatsoever, let me know.
> 	-Bean

My suggestion is to redo the whole look & feel ( :-) ) of the page.
Maybe you could make it look like an "afterstep screenshot" with
a wharf-looking menu to browse around from. And with one of the
better-known backgrounds (for exmpl. carpet-green)

And of course the option to browse it with _no_ (or very litle) 
graphic intensity. (Something every serious web-page should have)
A screenshot section with thumbnails and descriptions 
(folowing look&feel-files) is a good way to advertise
the wm to newcomers. (Get more people aware of and become 
useres of *the best WM*)
Today the screenshots are "hidden" way down in
and dosn't serve much as PR.

And for the allready hooked users you would want easy access to
browse *the latest* FAQ (not updated since april??), and *the latest*

It is a lot of work to maintain a good and updated web-page, but it
is essential to advertise afterstep.

Good luck.

- Chris